Welcome to Our Clarksville Spay/Neuter Clinic

Clarksvlle Spay / Neuter is a subsidary of St. Bethlehem Animal Clinic and is the FIRST Clarksville low-cost pet spay/neuter, high volume pet sterilization facility (in Tennessee and Montgomery County) community service to open to the public. Its mission is to provide affordable dog/cat spaying & neutering to Clarksville pet owners in Montgomery County, as well as in all surrounding counties. In addition, our Clarksville low cost spay and neuter clinic works with many non-profit animal rescue groups in the area sterilizing pets for adoption, and also provides low cost Clarksville pet vaccines.

The spay/neuter program at Clarksville Spay/Neuter Clinic is open to all pet owners wanting a low cost spay/neuter procedure in the Clarksville area. Fees are based on age, weight, and risk-assement and start at $40. We are always searching for grants to even subsidize these low fees for those that truly cannot afford to pay these low fees. We encourage donations from the public and civic groups to "pay for a spay."

Due to the spacious veterinary facility and large professional staff at Clarksville Spay and Neuter Clinic, it has the capability to spay/neuter 60 or more pets/day six days / week. Typically pets are discharged 4 hours after surgery. It is the only low cost/high volume spay/neuter facility in the Clarksville and Montgomery County area that has on-call veterinarians to handle any emergency that might arise after hours.

Clarksville Spay/Neuter Clinic is 100% funded by Dr. Ronald & Kathy Whitford. The Clarksville spay/neuter program is a joint effort between MCFOTS (Montgomery County Friends Of The Shelter) and Dr.Ronald & Kathy Whitford. Any donations are placed in a fund to subsidize those in the community that truly cannot pay anything for having their pet(s) sterilized as another effort to decrease pet overpopulation in Montgomery County, TN.

Appointments are immediately avialable by calling 931-645-4111. All payments for low cost procedures must be paid in cash at the time of service. No credit cards accepted.

An additional subsidary of STBAC is the Love At First Sight Pet Rescue which concentrates on saving kittens from death at the local animal shelter by rescuing them and making adoptions available at STBAC.